Learning how to come back to center under pressure, be responsive and not reactive, lead teams, organizations and your own life in a more powerful and effective way.

Our next workshops will be in

  • Tuscany between April 27th and May 1st, 2019 in Tuscany. 

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  • Along my life I was requested to play several different roles as son, brother, daughter, father, friend, citizen, worker, leader, patient etc.. Each role follows different scripts, habits and rules. Sometimes I suffered the feeling to behave in a way that was far from my inner nature. In the experience Coming Back to Center I had the extraordinary opportunity to live and reinforce the most important role of my life: myself.

    Aurelio LuglioHR Director
  • Wonderful landscape, great weather, great food and wine, and wonderful people. Alone these would be enough to lock me to this workshop in Tuscany, but it was much more than this. This was about how to learn and keep remembering the most important person in my life...myself...not always easy, but definitely worthwhile. All the time I felt I was really in good hands.

    Zeynep Calin Da SilvaManager
  • Coming back to Center in Montebelli was truly an unforgettable experience. A true journey into self awareness and learning with coaches Giulio, Gila and Rafaele and an incredible group. I can’t reveal the "secret sauce" of the trio but am convinced that I walked out a different person than when I joined.

    Carole Zibi Manager
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