Qualified Coaches with long experience in Somatics, Expressive Arts, Bioenergetics and Horse Training

Core team

  • Gila Seritcioglu
    Gila SeritciogluMCC, Gestalt and Somatic Coach, Expressive art Therapist

    Gila is one of the five Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in Turkey, entitled through the International Coach Federation ICF. She offers a unique combination of twenty years of extensive experience developing the human potential and performance of leaders and people of various ages as a Gestalt coach, consultant, expressive arts therapist, educationalist and trainer. She is the founder of Increa Creative Coaching & Consulting. Currently she works locally and internationaly and is specialised in coaching top executives, teams, leaders, professionals, groups and organisations. She also has extensive experience in designing and implementing tailor made experiential trainings and workshops using creative techniques. Gila has established her own preschool KIDS in 1991 and has been working with children and families in order to create greater impact as an educationalist, psychologist, supervisor and leader. Gila coaches in Turkish and English. She is a member and coach of the Global Coaching Network representing Turkey. She is a Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute and works with leaders on building an impactful leadership presence. She is a visiting faculty at the Bosphorus University . She is one of the three founders and trainers of the Eurasian Gestalt Center which offers accredited coach trainings through ICF and Gestalt based workshops. Gila is married and is the mother of two girls. She lives in Istanbul.


    • Giulio Brunini
      Giulio BruniniMaster Somatic Coach

      Giulio moved to Italy from South Africa in 1975 and grew up in Naples and Rome before his family moved to Tuscany, taking over Montebelli and turning it into the organic farm and country hotel that it is today. Now father of two young daughters, he brings a blend of cultures and experiences, a strong passion for nature, a curiosity and interest for personal journeys and self reflection and a belief that powerful and positive personal transformations happen as we choose to attend to the body, by listening to it and living in it.

      Giulio is a Certified Master Somatic Coach, an Associate and Trainer of the Strozzi Institute in California and a graduate of Newfield Network. Drawing on his own extensive corporate experience gained from working for over 15 years in senior positions that include CEO at a Universal Music/WPP company, Director at Yahoo! and Saatchi & Saatchi, Giulio works primarily with senior executives on leadership embodiment programs.

      Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and a wine amateur sommelier, Giulio shares his time between London and Montebelli which allows him to be in tune with his personal values and create a stimulating physical environment from where he can better develop and offer his unique perspectives on life and coaching.

      Extended team

      • Raffaele Ponticelli
        Raffaele PonticelliBioenergetic Therapist

        Raffaele is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist trained under distinguished therapists such as Jules Grossman, Alexander Lowen, and John Pierrakos. After completing his studies in Bioenergetics Therapy at San Francisco State University, he received a certification by The International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis of New York in recognition for his cutting edge research and experience in the field.
        His original therapeutic method called “Emotional Psychotherapy” unfolded through his first book ‘Express your Emotions and Live Better’ (1996). As president of the Jules Grossman Institute of Naples, he leads courses and workshops of ‘Emotional Education for Emotions & Feelings®’ and ‘Existential Memorization Trainings®’, teaching his methodology to Institutes of Humanistic psychology, Italian and European companies.

        During the past decades, he has also explored and deepened his study of memory with his second book Emotional Memory (2005), written dozens of scientific publications and hundreds of scientific and popular articles.

        In his private and professional life, Raffaele holds a strong dedication to music as a medium to heal and restore. As an avid connoisseur of both classic and contemporary sounds, he strives to use music to design therapeutic experiences which move and awaken the emotions of his audience.

        In 2015, with the launch of his third book ‘Emotions and Energy’ he is focusing on how might we save our personal energy from the negative and draining impact of inner conflicts and past outer conditionings”.

        He is a proud father of two: Alice and Luca; dividing his time between city and country life with his life and work companion Gabriella

        • Tommaso Migliozzi
          Tommaso MigliozziLicenced Horse Trainer - Assisting faculty

          Established 25 years ago, Montebelli Turf has a strong tradition in thoroughbred horse breeding and racing with over 300 national and international victories. Montebelli’s Stable is led by Tommaso Migliozzi, a Licenced Horse Trainer and EGE (Equine Guided Education) Certified Coach.

          Combining his horse training skills with his coaching competencies, Tommaso creates a safe environment and puts people in contact with the horse – regardless of their level of experience – to create unconventional, non verbal learnings that lead to powerful personal transformations and shifts.

          • Ashley Smith
            Ashley SmithEquine Guided Coach - Assisting Faculty

            Combining years of experience in HR and human relations with horsemanship and equine behavior, Ashley Smith trains self-awareness, communication, professional and personal development through horse-human interaction. She is certified in Equine Guided Education, a somatic based method of coaching with horses, which emphasizes sensate, experiential learning that encompasses body, mind and spirit. Whether you are five or seventy-five, whether you want to ride or are afraid of horses, Ashley facilitates experiences for people with horses which foster understanding and build a rapport with the animals as well as connect people with their core selves, their sense of purpose in life, the land, the sky and everything in between.

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