Our corporate workshops are designed for executives and leadership teams who are interested in moving away from an “idea” of leadership that is borrowed by predecessors or text books and want to move towards a more authentic leadership style, able to generate effective actions through embodied learning.

Learnings include: 

– Stronger and more grounded presence, which will allow better connection with oneself and others and will increase the ability to generate trust and deal with stressful situations

– More effective communication

– The ability to be present, open and connected and take new actions which are aligned with your values and vision even under pressure

– How to inspire, influence and mobilse others 

– How to make powerful declarations, clear and effective requests, promises, offers and how to take a strong stance for what you care about

  • Along my life I was requested to play several different roles as son, brother, daughter, father, friend, citizen, worker, leader, patient etc.. Each role follows different scripts, habits and rules. Sometimes I suffered the feeling to behave in a way that was far from my inner nature. In the experience Coming Back to Center I had the extraordinary opportunity to live and reinforce the most important role of my life: myself.

    Aurelio LuglioHR Director
  • Wonderful landscape, great weather, great food and wine, and wonderful people. Alone these would be enough to lock me to this workshop in Tuscany, but it was much more than this. This was about how to learn and keep remembering the most important person in my life...myself...not always easy, but definitely worthwhile. All the time I felt I was really in good hands.

    Zeynep Calin Da SilvaManager
  • Coming back to Center in Montebelli was truly an unforgettable experience. A true journey into self awareness and learning with coaches Giulio, Gila and Rafaele and an incredible group. I can’t reveal the "secret sauce" of the trio but am convinced that I walked out a different person than when I joined.

    Carole Zibi Manager
  • As a clinical psychologist and life coach, I have been to so many trainings regarding professional skills and personal development. I could definitely say that Coming Back to Center, hands-down, is the best ever! I have attended the one in Montebelli in June 2013 and the one in Africa in March 2014. Both were magical. Of course Africa, since the land has such a powerful energy, was delightful! I have learned lots of useful skills and information about how to use my presence, my body and how to reconstruct my perception. During these trainings I have learned what it meant to be centered and how to maintain feeling grounded. It was very helpful! I am grateful to our great teachers Gila, Guilio and Raffaele for being there with all their hearts and holding us in such a reliable manner.

    Şeyma Çavuşoğlu ItriClinical Psychologist
  • I have attended two Coming Back to Center Workshops over the past 6 month. Although the essence is similar each was a special experience in itself, peaceful and yet provocative to push my boundaries. CBTC workshop attendees were so diverse in age, background and expectations, but despite all these differences we have learned from each other and have developed friendship in a very short time. CBTC program made me experience to be unique and yet to be part of a whole, to learn something new about myself, to share my insight and to learn about experiences of other attendees. In CBTC there is also space for lots of fun.

    Cahide AkkuzuManager
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